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We are happy to announce that the Alzheimer’s Day Care will open its doors in Achrafieh on March 1. Your loved one can spend the day in a friendly and fun atmosphere with activities to preserve their memory (ergothérapeute, physical therapy, speech therapy, memory games, etc.). Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided as well as hair and beauty salon services. Please call NOW for information and to reserve a place. Places are limited! Golden age club is already accepting people. 76-030083

Run for Alzheimer's - Beirut Marathon

11 Nov 2018

In order to achieve all our activities, our only source of income is donations, support and fundraising activities. Last year, our participation in Beirut Marathon was impressive. 266 people from around the world came to run for this cause. Check the Awareness Video that we made out of it here! This year we are expecting the same. Our runners are getting ready to run this marathon and help us spread awareness and raise money.

L'Homme face à l'Alzheimer

18 Oct 2018

Le Comité de l'église Norte Dame de la Dormition a le plaisir de vous inviter à la conférence qui sera dévoilée par le Dr. Georges Karam, président de l'Association de L'Alzheimer au Liban, sur le thème de "L'Homme face à l'Alzheimer". Jeudi 18 Octobre à 19h Rue Mkhallissyie, village de Saifi La conférence va etre en Arabe